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Comfort and dynamics

Aided by the shape of its carbon strut, the DynaStep ensures energy savings and comfort while providing the patient with dynamics suitable to a K2 activity level; its split toe design allows inversion and eversion while navigating uneven terrain.

  • Comfort at heel strike
  • A good rollover
  • Integrated carbon blade

• Thanks to the original shape of the carbon blade, DYNASTEP foot ensures great walking comfort and a slight dynamic that perfectly suits patients with activity level 2. This provides energy saving during walking and increases the patient's possible walking distance.
 The front blade is split to help inversion-eversion motions during walking on uneven grounds.
• The foam of the foot is moulded on the carbon blade.
• Thanks to DYNASTEP, trans-tibial and trans-femoral amputees will enjoy a comfort matching to their activities and their physical abilities in their everyday life.

• Appropriate for transtibial and transfemoral amputees.
• Foam of the foot is moulded on the carbon strut.
• Comes with its malleolar clip to help the set up of the foot shell.

•The foot comes with its malleolar clip to help the set up of the cosmetic shell.

Technical Specs

Example of product Nr for a DYNASTEP foot, left side, size 25 : 1A101-G25
Approximate weight for size 25 : 440 g

Item N°.


Size (cm)

Max. Patient’s Weight



22 to 25

176lbs / 80kg



26 to 29

220lbs / 100kg


Ankle Item N°.



DynaStep Foot + Multiaxis Ankle Kit

The combination of a DynaStep foot and a 1D111 Multiaxis Ankle allows the patient to perform motions of plantar and dorsiflexion, as well as inversion-eversion. Particularly appropriate for transfemoral amputees.



Size (cm)


1A101 + 1D111

22 to 29



Instructions for Use Dynastep

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