Locking Kit with Smooth Pin and Vertical Pulling

Item Number: 1S140

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This locking kit with pin is operated by vertical tab pulling.
Control of unlocking can be displaced through a handle fitted on the side of the socket. 2 pins are supplied:
a smooth pin that provides fine adjustment of the liner, and a smooth pin with notched end allowing the patient to know if the pin is well engaged and providing accurate adjustment. Ø 45 mm cup.

Technical Specs

Material Weight Tools & Accessories 

Plastics + Alumi- num

85 g

Tools for Lamination / Thermoforming 1S129:
Tool for Lamination / Thermoforming, used with 1S142
1S112: Centring Tool
Adapting Kit for assembly with 1K90 cup
1X110:Handle for displaced control of unlocking


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